Precise Petcare

We are excited to announce that Precise Petcare's NEW Interface will be available starting tomorrow!

The redesigned, modern and responsive system has been created by combining your very own feedback with our vision of what we want Precise Petcare to be moving forward. Our goal is to give you, your staff and your clients a complete software upgrade while maintaining everything you already know and love!

To prevent any unnecessary stress on your business this will be a "soft" launch, meaning that you'll need to make a change in your site options to make the switch when you're ready. Once you see it, follow the "New Interface" link in your Dashboard Message to turn it on.

Once you opt-in all of your clients and staff will also be on the new interface, so you might want to give your clients a heads up! Not sure what to say? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Use the preformatted template at the bottom of this email to explain everything they need to know.

Not sure you understand the New Interface? Of course we've got you covered there too! We recorded a full New Interface Walkthrough Webinar last night to make your learning easy. Additionally, we will have in-system step-by-step tours and our Support Site articles have been updated.

Click here to view the full video and familiarize yourself with the impressive new interface.

Here's to us all hitting the ground running together in 2017!

Adam & Lynn Smith
Co-Owners of Precise Petcare

New Interface Announcement - Client Template:

Hi [name],

We're upgrading our software! Soon you'll notice your client portal looks a little different. While this is a big and exciting update we can assure you that using the portal will work essentially the same as before. Your portal is simply redesigned for easier use - plus it comes with some new features we know you're going to love.

Take a look for yourself:

Client Timeline
There is now a streamlined way for you to view time-sensitive information. By providing a chronological rundown of Pet Care Journals and Invoices on your dashboard you now have a quick view of the communication and photos for Journals, along with the details and payments applied for invoices.

My Photos + Shared Galleries
Now you can see all of the photos ever taken of your pets right on your own My Photos page. Because come on, there's no such thing as too many photos of your pets! Want to share them with your friends? Create a Shared Gallery with any number of your photos and share away!

We know you're going to love these new features - but if you're not quite ready to commit to the change don't worry, you'll have a period of time in which you can opt-out by clicking on the "Old Interface" link in the footer.

We look forward to our continued work with you and your pets!

Precise Petcare - A Division of Precise Services, LLC